How to maintain CNC machining center?

CNC machining center has a very wide range of applications, is also a kind of equipment often used in the field of precision machining, in the use of machining center, whether it is before the use of the whole process or the end of the use of matching maintenance matters can not be ignored, so what must be paid attention to CNC machining? And how to maintain it? Let’s take a look:

1, Before the operation of CNC machining center, wear the labor protection supplies, according to the requirements of lubrication maintenance check the oil level of the lubricating oil.

When clamping the workpiece, please be careful to gently avoid damage and damage to the working table; When adding I center workpiece is too heavy, it should also check the bearing capacity of the machine workbench, and the processing center is prohibited from overweight operation.

The flow of CNC machining program should be checked for accuracy before it can be operated. The tool pairing should be determined when using the high-speed action of the I center.

After starting the CNC machining center machine tool, check whether the movement of the spindle and all sides of the operating table is normal, whether there is abnormal noise and so on.

In the production process, we should always pay attention to whether the movement and processing of machine tools are normal or not, and encounter abnormal situations. Noise and alarm, should be immediately shut down to check and solve, the processing center after the removal of common faults can be processed again.

Excellent maintenance habit and security inspection according to the cycle time can not only improve the service life of the machine tool, but also allow it to maintain stable processing accuracy.

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