cnc tooling big inventory, cnc tooling management on the importance of business do you know?

cnc tooling big inventory, cnc tooling management on the importance of business do you know?

cnc tooling is an essential tool in cnc machining manufacturing, today Nono to give you an inventory of cnc tooling, although for many manufacturing companies cnc tooling is not their core product, but they are also going to use to cnc tooling, we know the importance of cnc tooling management to the enterprise? Come together to understand it!

cnc tooling big list

cnc tools are often divided into several types according to processing methods and specific uses: turning tools, hole processing tools, milling tools, broaches, threading tools, gear tools, automatic line and cnc machine tools and reamers.

CNC tools can also be classified in other ways, such as by the materials used: high-speed steel tools, carbide tools, ceramic tools, cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools and diamond tools, etc..

CNC tools are classified according to their structure: integral tools, inserted tools, machine clamping tools and composite tools, etc.

cnc tools are divided into: standard tools and non-standard tools, etc. according to whether they are standardized.

Do you know the importance of cnc tool management to the enterprise?

1, directly affect the quality of product production

For manufacturing enterprises, the performance of the tool is directly linked to product quality, product production cycle, especially in the implementation of lean production lines, intermediate work in progress and buffer zone is very little, so a key tool, especially non-standard tools such as the timely supply, will cause the entire machining line shutdown, and no emergency measures or can not respond quickly to this, and may cause the entire assembly line shutdown. This shows the significant impact of tools and their management on production.

2, directly affect the production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises

Tool management costs are a considerable part of the manufacturing costs of machining, it is no exaggeration to say that an annual output of hundreds of thousands of engines factory, the annual tool costs may reach tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yuan, and at the same time tools and tools and accessories inventory to take up a lot of liquidity. If you can not well reduce the cost of this piece, then the competitiveness of their products in the market is to drop a level, it can be seen that reducing the cost of tools is a very important, urgent and difficult task.

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