Customized CNC metalworking services

Metal fabrication is a part manufacturing process involving machining processes such as CNC machining, milling, turning, drilling, EDM and wire EDM to name a few, where the workpiece is cut to the desired shape, size and surface finish by a process that removes metal material to meet the specifications of product designs and engineering drawings.

With state-of-the-art machining equipment and experienced machinists, V1 is able to provide precision CNC metalworking services that can handle custom metal part machining with tight tolerance requirements and complex geometry needs.

Our CNC machining capabilities include prototyping and low volume custom machining, with particular expertise in CNC machining of aluminum parts, as well as other metals such as magnesium, zinc, titanium, steel and stainless steel, and a variety of secondary machining and surface treatment processes.

Why use CNC technology for metal fabrication

Production flexibility and efficiency

CNC makes it easier to manufacture custom metal parts and has been recognized as the best way to ensure high standards in metalworking and part manufacturing. All processes can be set up using adjustable fixtures and automated machine positioning systems, making it possible to respond to production schedules with greater flexibility and productivity.

High precision and repeatability

CNC metal machining allows for greater precision and accuracy. Production is completely automated by the program, machining is continuous, each part is an exact duplicate, machining is fast and easy, and a completely consistent output is obtained.
Eliminate labor and reduce costs.

Thanks to technological developments, machining in the manufacturing industry has been automated. The process is mainly controlled by computers or robots, avoiding the process of long processes in production lines, reducing hardware investment and manual workload, saving a lot of time and effort, and thus reducing production costs.

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