Discussion of the influence of machining process on the machining accuracy of parts and control

Overview of machining process

Based on the mechanical parts as well as workpiece manufacturing period, the relevant machining process method is taken to change the blank, and processing is carried out to further process the fit between the blank and the part.

From the practical work point of view, based on the implementation of mechanical machining process during the processing of the rough grinding as well as parts processing accuracy requirements are very demanding.

Analysis of the impact of machining processes on the machining accuracy of parts

Intrinsic influencing factors

①The existence of geometric accuracy errors in the machining system.

②The operation is not standardized in the process of machinery installation. Through careful analysis, it can be seen that the intrinsic influence of factors on the precision of parts processing, and such factors are difficult to eliminate. When there is a mechanical geometric accuracy error, it will lead to a certain error in the parts produced after processing.

Factors influenced by forces

For the machining process system, during operation, the system will usually be deformed by the force, resulting in changes in the position and shape of the system, further affecting the normal and safe operation of the system.

To sum up, the force influence factors are reflected in two major aspects: on the one hand, the system has a strong actual operating capacity. When the system is in actual operation, the tools and fixtures used are subjected to very strong working pressure, and when affected by time, it is easy to produce relative position changes, or deformation under the action of forces.

Factors affecting thermal changes

In the process of machining process application, the thermal variation of parts processing accuracy factors are mainly divided into three categories: ① tool thermal variation. ② Workpiece thermal deformation. ③ machine tool itself and structural thermal deformation.

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