What are the common failures of CNC machining

High speed cutting is widely used in the machining of aircraft CNC machine parts

High speed cutting, the first is high speed, that is, high spindle speed, on the other hand, there should be high feed speed, in order to improve efficiency.

The machine tool also has fast moving, fast tool change, high spindle acceleration and feed acceleration, high-speed cutting technology is the structure and materials of aircraft CNC machine parts, machine tool design and manufacturing technology, high-speed spindle system, fast feed system, high performance CNC control system has put forward higher requirements.

On the premise of ensuring the machining accuracy, improving the cutting speed of CNC machine tools is a direction to adapt to the machining of aviation parts.

Demand for multi-functional multi-axis CNC machining center

With the improvement of aircraft performance CNC machine parts, also gradually to the accuracy requirement of the modern aviation parts processing strictly, the precision of the complex shape surface error decreases in the beam wing, fuselage frame, ribs and wall board as the typical representative of the airframe structure, and the casing, overall semal, blades and shaft, plate as the typical representative of aviation engine parts.

Not only to ensure the surface quality of parts, but also to ensure the accuracy of the position and shape of the processing, these parts, generally require a card, a positioning processing molding, only multi-axis linkage of the processing center, to meet the above requirements.

At present, for aviation parts, five-axis CNC milling machine and with five-coordinate linkage control, turntable structure of CNC machine tools and other composite equipment demand increases.

The demand of NC machine tool adapting to the development of information technology

With the development of CAD, CAPP, CAM and other information technology, in order to improve the processing efficiency, many enterprises have set up a numerical control programming center, data transmission, modular design and group processing technology for the hardware design of numerical control machine tools put forward higher requirements, in addition, because aviation materials are mostly precious rare metals or composite materials.

Virtual machining technology will be further application, the so-called virtual machining technology is in, the material physical properties, the geometric parameters of parts machining process cutting parameters as well as the physical process to conduct a comprehensive, on the basis of physical modeling, using computer numerical simulation technology to the dynamic situation of processing and processing results for practical comprehensive analysis of a new technology.

It puts forward higher requirements on the software and hardware of NC machine tools. It requires NC machine tools in virtual machining environment to be driven by NC code according to the actual condition of NC machine tools for virtual cutting. It can describe the real movement trajectory of the tool and complete collision and interference check. It can also realistically describe the shape and position error, geometric size error and surface roughness of the workpiece.

The virtual finished parts are compared with the designed parts. If the precision of the parts cannot meet the design requirements, the process parameters or the clamping way of the workpiece can be adjusted and improved. If necessary, the structure design of the parts can be improved to improve its machinability.

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