How do machining precision of aviation parts and CNC hardware processing technology complement each other

Because of the high safety requirements for aircraft CNC machine parts, the quality control of the products produced by CNC machining manufacturers is very strict.

Aircraft parts manufacturing can be perfectly achieved with the help of CNC machining technology to ensure quality and quantity, which is far from artificial, showing extremely powerful technical advantages, but also avoid mistakes caused by artificial instability, and reduce the risk of aircraft flight.

Numerical control machining technology occupies an important position in the whole aircraft manufacturing comprehensive technology, mainly manifested in:

Efficiency, automation and degree are greatly improved, cost is reduced, and the problem of complex structure is solved.

“high” “fine” “accurate” processing, greatly reduce the error rate, improve the efficiency and accuracy of parts, speed up the process of aircraft manufacturing.

It is suitable for processing parts of different materials. Due to the development of material science, there are a variety of materials in modern manufacturing industry. CNC machining has designed and produced different materials of cutting tools for this problem. Therefore, the selection of cutting tools in the production process should be based on the nature of the material to choose.

Numerical control machining technology does not have too many requirements on the size of the processed parts. In view of the size and shape of the workpiece in modern manufacturing industry, modern numerical control technology can realize the processing of these parts.

The diversification of product materials, with the development of materials, metallurgical technology, high strength titanium alloy, composite materials and other widely used, so that the product processing will rely on CNC machining of high-tech production.

Aircraft CNC machine parts requirements for high – grade CNC machine tools

The development of high-grade CNC machine tools and the processing technology of the processed object and the production needs of users have a great relationship, aircraft parts are also toward the integration of large and complex direction development, to meet the needs of users and processing needs is high-grade CNC machine tools in the future development requirements.

High precision CNC machine tools and five axis linkage horizontal processing machine tools. Nowadays, the length of large aircraft structural parts and the surface accuracy of parts constantly promote the development of processing equipment towards large scale and high precision.

Understanding CNC machining tolerances
Understanding CNC machining tolerances

The material removal rate of aircraft structural parts is more than 95%, and the secondary cutting in vertical machining can easily lead to the quality decline of machining parts. Horizontal machine tools with good chip removal and FMC are more widely used in the processing of aircraft structural parts. In the future, horizontal machine tools will continue to appear in the processing of aircraft structural parts.

Titanium alloy and composite material processing machine. The proportion of composite materials in modern aircraft is increasing, and the processing of titanium alloy and composite materials will also become an important task for future aviation manufacturing enterprises. The important task of aerospace manufacturing enterprises is how to improve the efficient processing of titanium alloys.

The technology of high-end CNC machine tools is very important for aviation manufacturing enterprises. These equipment have good protective performance, can be applied to composite material processing, can solve the pollution problem caused by composite material processing and reduce the injury.

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