How does CNC spare parts processing dominate the automobile industry?

Many of the car parts you see on our roads today are handled by CNC machines. Whether it’s die casting a series of parts or beautifully making a modern monomer shell, make sure it involves some aspect of the CNC.

Specifically, we happen to use 5-axis CNC machining to manufacture the carburetor housing and suspension components.

For more beautiful car parts, we do acrylic precision machining. This applies mainly to headlights and taillights and any other lights on the car. CNC is slowly but surely becoming the primary method of manufacturing industrial-grade auto parts.

Fast production and efficiency

CNC spare parts processing allows us to manufacture tiny parts in great detail. In addition, we were able to execute repeated processes effortlessly. This ensures that top-of-the-line vehicles are readily available to avid consumers in the market. The company is now able to meet the growing demand for cars by using CNC.

Five axis machining

Multi-axis machining tools are essential if we are to meet the complex needs of the automotive industry. 5-axis CNC machines allow us to avoid a variety of machine Settings. In addition, we can easily create complex geometric shapes on a single machine using different axes.

5-axis CNC machines are usually able to remain tangent to the workpiece. This allows it to quickly cut the workpiece on multiple axes. Although the initial setup is very expensive, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. This is due to its high precision cutting and short turnaround time.

What auto parts can we produce?

Transmission box

Gearbox is the key component of automobile transmission. It ensures that the engine transfers power correctly and efficiently between the wheels of the car.

Precision CNC machining allows us to accurately manufacture the gears and shafts of the gearbox. The different machining methods we use include milling, grinding and rotation. We try to make sure these parts are reliable and accurate.

Drive axle

The drive axle is also a key part of the transmission, as it connects the engine and transmission to the wheels. It consists of two primary hypoid gears in the bottom bracket precisely manufactured by our CNC spare parts. We are also able to process bevel gears which are essential for stability and smooth running.

Backlights and headlights

Most top automakers invest a lot of time and resources into complex rear and headlight designs. This is what 5-axis CNC spare parts processing is good at.

It allows us to carve complex shapes from empty Spaces with very few layers of lines. The end result is amazing, as you will get clear and smooth light, perfect for light transmission. Contact us now to enjoy the most advanced 5 axis CNC spare parts machining.

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