How does five-axis CNC machining technology change automotive and aerospace manufacturing?

CNC machine tools to complete the processing process has the characteristics of ordinary machine tools incomparable, such as greatly improve productivity, with higher machining accuracy and automation degree of CNC machine tools processing requirements are more and more high.

Many auto body sheet metal parts need stamping die, and because of the need to fit accessories, high precision requirements. In the traditional die machining, three axis machining center is commonly used to complete the workpiece milling processing.

And upgrade to five axis, on the one hand can reduce the cost, on the other hand can improve the machining accuracy

Five axes is the cost reduction option

(1) A clamping, multi-sided processing:

There will be no interference during processing, one clamping can complete the processing, and avoid the repeated positioning error caused by multiple clamping. Not only the time is shortened, but also the large cost of the fixture required to install the workpiece is saved.

(2)Reduce the cost of equipment investment:

Reduce the workshop area and the number of workshops. A five-axis namely with turning, milling, drilling, grinding and other processes. Engineering intensive production only needs the pre-commissioning time, only need to import the blank data can complete the programming, but also can greatly shorten the pre-preparation.

Five axis machining precision is higher

(1) The processing of deep cavity mold

When machining deep cavity, the three-axis machining center must be lengthened the tool handle and tool, but the five-axis machining center can shorten the tool length properly through the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or the spindle head, so as to eliminate the collision phenomenon between the tool and the tool rod and the cavity wall.

Reduce the jitter and damage of the tool during processing, the service life of the tool is extended, the surface quality of the mold and the processing efficiency are also greatly improved.

(2) Machining of die side wall

When machining the side wall, the length of the tool in the three-axis machining center is larger than the depth of the side wall, and the strength of the length of the tool will be significantly reduced. If the length of the tool is higher than 3 times the diameter, the quality of the tool phenomenon will be difficult to ensure.

The five-axis machining center can make use of the swing of the spindle or the workpiece, so that the tool and the die side wall always present a vertical state, improve the quality of the workpiece and extend the service life of the tool.

(3)The surface of the mold is relatively flat

When the surface is relatively flat, the three-axis machining center needs to increase the cutting path with the ball knife finishing milling, but the center rotation speed of the ball head knife tool is almost zero, the degree of damage to the tool is larger in the mold processing, the service life will drop sharply, and the surface quality will become worse.

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