The characteristics and advantages of five axis CNC machine tools

The five-axis linkage machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, and the workpiece can complete the processing of the pentahedron with one clamping.

If it is equipped with the five-axis linkage high-grade CNC system, it can also carry out high-precision machining of complex space curved surfaces, and adapt to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts.

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool system is the only means to solve the processing of impeller, blade, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and so on. It is a kind of machine tool with high science and technology content and high precision, specially used for processing complex surface. The use of five-axis linkage machine tool makes the clamping of workpiece easy.

Processing without special fixture, reduce the cost of fixture, avoid multiple clamping, improve the precision of mold processing.

The use of five axis linkage technology can reduce the number of fixture. In addition, because the five-axis machine tool can eliminate many special tools in the processing, so the tool cost is reduced. The five-axis machine tool can increase the effective cutting edge length, reduce cutting force, improve the service life of the tool and reduce the cost.

Using five-axis machine tool to process the mold can quickly complete the mold processing, fast delivery, better ensure the mold processing quality, make the mold processing becomes easier, and make the mold modification becomes easy.

In the traditional die machining, the vertical machining center is generally used to finish the workpiece milling. With the continuous development of die manufacturing technology, some weaknesses of vertical machining center itself become more and more obvious.

The five-axis linkage machine has the following characteristics:

1, can effectively avoid tool interference

2, for the straight surface parts, can use the side milling method of a knife molding

3,For the general vertical surface, especially the relatively flat large surface, the end face of the large-diameter end milling cutter can be processed close to the surface

4, can be a card on the workpiece on the multiple space surface of the multi-surface, multi-process processing

5, five axis machining, the tool relative to the workpiece surface can be in the most effective cutting state. The error distribution on the surface of the part is uniform.

6, in some processing occasions, can use the larger size of the tool to avoid interference processing.

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