Material Selection Guide for Plastic Parts for China CNC machining plastic parts

As China’s NC processing of plastic parts has developed for many years, so have the components of NC machine tools. Similar material types can be used for a variety of products, resulting in different functions. Are the parts used in medical equipment, automotive, aerospace, mechanical or industrial manufacturing?

Taking thermal insulation materials as an example, the materials used for thermal insulation breath analyzer may be different from those used to provide thermal insulation materials for cameras. They are all used for the same purpose, but cannot be used in the same way or with the same result type. When used outdoors or in damp places, please use stainless steel instead of carbon steel to avoid rust.

Do not underestimate the importance of dimensional tolerance in NC processing of China CNC machining plastic parts It not only helps you choose materials. It also affects the use of parts and components, cutting methods, and tools and machines. Dimensional tolerances affect the overall process and revenue impact.

Heavy materials are used in China CNC machining plastic parts  can absorb a lot of pressure. For projects requiring excessive loads and high stress loads, heavier materials should be considered. However, it is not suitable for weight sensitive projects.

Lightweight materials are popular in weight sensitive projects. They are durable, easy to use, can absorb a lot of pressure, but more expensive. Lightweight materials are ideal for many products, but if cost is a key factor, they may not be the best choice.

Choosing between heavy materials and light materials is just a few examples of the most important functions of China CNC machining plastic parts . In this way, you can specify the key factors that make the part work properly and exclude materials that do not meet these conditions to compare costs.

Total cost and material manufacturability

The most expensive materials are usually high-strength and lightweight materials. When selecting processing materials, many factors can help you make decisions. To find the most compatible materials, prioritize the most important characteristics of the finished product. Select materials that meet the strength curve, temperature limits, and assembly requirements. Eliminate materials that do not meet these requirements, compare material costs, and select them.

By default, standard dimensional tolerances are used, but if no tolerance is specified or the number is incorrect, the wrong part will eventually be ordered. Resizing and sorting takes time. In the long run, this simple first step can save money in China CNC machining plastic parts .

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