Precautions and quality requirements for machining of machining large parts

When  machining large parts, it is necessary to use corresponding processing methods to process and manufacture mechanical accessories, so that their shape, size and properties can meet the corresponding standards, mainly including rough machining, finishing, assembly, inspection and packaging. As long as everyone ensures that each processing process can make the finished product more standardized and reasonable, and ensure that it meets the relevant standards. In the process of processing machining large parts, what should we pay attention to?

Protection measures are very important

Machining large parts processing should wear protective equipment before work, gloves and scarves are prohibited. Before starting the machine tool, you must understand the use and operation method of each handle, check whether each part of the machine tool operates normally, and use a wrench to clamp the tool and workpiece before starting the machine tool.

The machine tool shall not be started for processing machining large parts without the permission of known personnel. Before the machine tool is started, it is not allowed to change speed, remove chips or measure dimensions. It is not allowed to touch the running parts. If foreign matters or chips are found on the machine tool, it is not allowed to take them by hand or blow them with mouth.

In case of loose objects or abnormal equipment during the processing of machining large parts, stop the machine immediately. After the operation, clean the tools and the machine tool workplace. Do not put tools, workpieces and other items on the machine tool workbench.

During the processing of machining large parts, it is not allowed to touch the tools, workpieces and other moving parts with hands. It is not allowed to lean against the machine tool to avoid other accidents. When two people operate a machine at the same time, they should have clear division of labor and close cooperation.

More than 30% of gear transmission noise is caused by burrs and bumps. Some factories remove burrs and bruises before gear box assembly, which is a passive approach to make organizational preparation for handling. It should be noted that during normalizing or quenching and tempering, the furnace temperature must be kept uniform, and the work pieces must be heated and cooled uniformly by using working position appliances. Stacking together is strictly prohibited.

Control the quality of raw materials: high-quality raw materials are the prerequisite for producing high-quality products. Q235, stainless steel, 40Cr and 45 steel to manufacture non-standard parts such as permanent magnet equipment, electromechanical equipment and automation equipment.

No matter what way, raw materials must undergo strict chemical composition inspection, grain size measurement and purity evaluation after arriving at the factory. The purpose is to timely adjust the heat treatment deformation and improve the quality of tooth profile processing.  Need to has a strict quality control system, including incoming re inspection of raw materials, production process control, product delivery inspection, etc.

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