Precision machining operators must know a few common knowledge points!

Precision machining operators must know a few common knowledge points!

Non-standard precision machining

1, to ensure stable and reliable cutting performance of tools
Tool cutting performance and life to be stable and reliable, with CNC machine tools for processing, the tool to implement a regular mandatory tool change or by the control system to manage the tool life, the same batch of CNC cutting tool cutting performance and tool shall not have a large difference, to avoid frequent downtime to replace the knife or cause a large number of scrap processing workpiece.

2, to ensure a long tool life
Tool should have a high life, should be selected cutting performance, high wear resistance of coated tools and a reasonable choice of cutting amount.

3、Avoid tool loss
Ensure reliable chip breaking, chip rolling and chip removal, disorderly chip system will bring great harm to the automated production, resulting in tool chipping and various factors of different degrees of wear and tear.

4、Ensure the tool state changeover
Ensure that the tool can be quickly transposed, blade replacement and automatic tool change and other operations.

5、Scientific and reasonable adjustment of the tool state
Can quickly and accurately adjust the tool to the processing size of the part, the original positioning point of the tool, etc.

Non-standard precision machining

6, according to the characteristics of CNC selection of tools
Must start from CNC machining characteristics, custom CNC tool standardization, serialization and universal structure system, so that you can quickly buy the right tool.

7, the establishment of database and management system
Should establish a complete database and management system, CNC tool types, more complex management, both automatic identification of all tools, memory of their specifications size, deposited in the location, has been cutting time and remaining life, followed by the replacement of tools, delivery, tool size pre-tuning, etc. for management.

8、Prepare a perfect tool information system
Have a perfect tool assembly, familiar with the machine tool pre-conditioning, code marking and identification system.

9, always monitor the status of the tool
Set up an online monitoring system for tool wear and breakage.

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