Principles of process route for precision mechanical finishing

Principles of process route for precision mechanical finishing

The elaboration of precision machinery finishing process protocols can be broadly divided into two processes. The first is to develop the process path of parts processing, and then determine the process scale of each process, the equipment and process equipment used, as well as cutting standards, work time quotas. These two processes are interlinked and should be analyzed inductively.

The formulation of the process road is the overall layout of the process, the primary task is to select the processing method of each appearance, determine the processing order of each appearance, as well as the number of processes in the entire process.

1、First processing reference surface

Parts in the processing process, as a positioning reference of the appearance should be the first to process out, in order to supply the subsequent processes as soon as possible for the processing of fine benchmark. Called “benchmark first”.

2、Distinguish processing stage

Processing quality requirements of the appearance, are distinguished processing stages, generally can be divided into rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing three stages. The main purpose is to ensure the quality of processing; conducive to the rational use of equipment; facilitate the organization of heat treatment processes; as well as facilitate the discovery of defects in the blank.

3、First surface and then hole

For the box, bracket and connecting rod and other parts should be processed first plane after processing holes. This can be positioned on the plane to process the hole, to ensure the accuracy of the position of the plane and hole, and to bring convenience to the processing of the hole on the plane.

4、Light finishing processing

The workpiece after the finishing process The primary appearance of the finishing process (such as grinding, honing, fine grinding rolling process, etc.), should be placed in the final stage of the process road, after processing the appearance of the finish in Ra0.8um or more, the slightest bump will damage the appearance, in Japan, Germany and other countries, after the finishing process, are to be maintained with a flannel, and certainly prohibit the use of hands or other objects directly touch the workpiece, so as to avoid the finishing The processed appearance will be damaged because of the transfer and installation between processes.

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