Rust of precision parts in machining

In order to further adapt to the development of the times and improve the accuracy of CNC machining of mechanical parts, enterprises must take comprehensive consideration. Specifically, they can achieve the transfer of machining errors by strengthening the management of machine tools.

Optimize the NC machining system, improve the prop trajectory and other strategies, and break through the influence of machine tool errors, workpiece positioning errors, improper system operation, tool use and other factors.

To improve the NC machining accuracy to the maximum extent, so that the quality of mechanical parts can better meet the needs of the development of the times, and also lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises.

Strengthen machine tool management

The arrival of the era of science and technology has created strong conditions for the further development of the machinery manufacturing industry, and the accuracy, production efficiency and processing technology of CNC machine tools will be further improved. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises must do a good job in the management of machine tools in the future, reduce the possible external impact on machine tools, ensure the quality of machine tools, and avoid errors of machine tools.

First, the inclined machine design is introduced to appropriately reduce the pressure on the machine tool and improve the vibration damping and pressure resistance of the NC track.

While improving the performance of the machine tool itself, it can also effectively reduce the cost of the machine tool; Secondly, do a good job in dynamic management. In order to ensure the quality of the machine tool, technicians can be arranged to carry out dynamic management. After the work is finished, the wear of the processing tools should be checked in time, so as to find out the problems in time and make records. If there is serious wear.

Replace it in time to ensure machining accuracy; Finally, improve the programming accuracy. By improving the NC programming, ensure the normal operation of the NC program, ensure that the threading difference point is in the normal position, and improve the NC machining accuracy.

Realize machining error transfer.

In the NC machining of mechanical parts, the parts are often the most sensitive and vulnerable parts. If there is an error, it will directly affect the machining accuracy. In view of this situation, manufacturing enterprises can try to transfer the error to the non sensitive direction of parts to achieve effective control of machining accuracy.

In view of the current actual processing situation, in the type-A CNC machine tool, because of the poor performance of the beam, it is easy to twist and deform under the action of gravity, which will lead to processing errors. In order to eliminate this, technicians need to add additional beams to the original machine tool structure to disperse gravity and avoid errors caused by distortion and deformation.

It should be noted that the processing error causes of different types of machine tools are also different. Technicians need to understand the characteristics of machine tools and equipment, analyze the specific error causes, and non sensitive points of equipment to reduce error phenomena.

Optimize NC machining system

NC machining realizes the automatic production of parts, and the assurance of the quality and accuracy of automatic production depends on the system, which requires that the system must be rigorous, which has higher requirements for operators. Therefore, in the future, enterprises can optimize the NC machining system from the following two aspects:

① Personnel training. With the rapid development of the times and the increasingly perfect CNC processing technology, operators should also improve their personal level in time to ensure the accuracy of technical operation. Once the system is found to be lax in the process of operation, it should be repaired in time to lay a good foundation for efficient and high-level part production.

② Optimize production operation management. Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have many advantages. Only by reasonable operation and scientific application can we give full play to the positive role of CNC machine tools. In the process of NC machining of mechanical parts, all posts and departments should coordinate and cooperate with each other to formulate machining plans, meet the requirements of different mechanical parts for NC machining accuracy, and improve the quality of production parts in an all-round way.

Perfect tool path

Cutter is the main tool for NC machining of mechanical parts, and its trajectory will affect the machining of parts, so it must be paid attention to in the future. On the one hand, technicians need to control the round head of the tool head of the machine tool to ensure regular and uniform operation and avoid machining problems caused by tool problems;

On the other hand, the tool should be inspected and maintained regularly. Technicians must dynamically master the true condition of the tool, such as wear and loss. After knowing the existing problems of the tool, they should replace it to eliminate the negative impact caused by the error. For the internal processing of parts, the milling cutter should be selected as much as possible, and the diameter should be smaller than the inner contour, and the washing should be done well.

When complex machining such as turning circular parts of parts is carried out, rough milling cutters that do not exceed the minimum fillet radius of the contour can be selected to avoid machining vibration caused by insufficient rigidity and ensure the flatness of parts processing.

In addition, technicians should also constantly optimize the processing program in the future. When encountering complex processing, they can automatically reduce the running speed, reasonably arrange the processing procedures, and improve the processing accuracy.

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