Rust of precision parts in machining

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Products are prone to rust, oil spots and oil stains in 3-5 days of cutting grinding finishing.

After the precision machinery accessories and parts are coated with antirust oil and packaged with antirust bags, the finished precision machinery accessories and parts will still rust after antirust.

Cause analysis of rust of precision machinery accessories and parts in the manufacturer:

① Cleaning

The rinsing process was not carried out. After cleaning, the cleaning effect was general, and the finished parts were spotted. In addition, there was residual detergent on the surface of the product, which affected the subsequent rust prevention to a certain extent.

② Rust prevention

The workpiece is immersed in antirust oil during processing, and there is still a certain amount of water in the product, so it is actually in the state of water in oil, and the water contained cannot be removed. After a period of time, rust will appear;

③ Drying:

Because of the water-based cleaning agent used in the previous paragraph, there is no drying condition after cleaning, and the moisture of the product has not been removed, but the air gun blowing can not achieve the drying effect.

④ Process control

Improper operation behaviors exist in each section, and corresponding process control shall be strengthened.

According to the actual production situation, the suggestions for improvement plan are as follows:

① Semi finished products of precision machinery accessories and precision parts

Machining → soaking vci-510d3 aqueous antirust agent → placing on PP board for drying or temporary storage

② Finished products of precision machinery accessories and precision parts

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