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Four metal cutting methods in a sheet metal processing plant

Nowadays, many common items in our life are sheet metal processing and manufacturing, large to bus station billboards, refrigerators, lockers, small to mobile phones, some of the size of the mechanical parts, accessories, etc., all the items listed above need to be cut or bent, so how are these products processed? Cutting saw cutting At present, many metal sheet metal processing plants in Foshan commonly use the cutting saw as a metal cutting method. Generally, the blade of the cutting saw is rotated by clicking to cut metal and other …

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What is sheet metal working

Sheet metal processing industry is a very important part of the machine manufacturing industry, it includes many different types, such as: bending, shearing, rolling, welding and so on. These processing techniques are indispensable in the machining process. In the sheet metal processing factory, we mainly do some simple metal cutting and forming work. laser cutting machine Laser is a kind of pulsed light source with high energy density and high power density, which has two characteristics: monochromatic and directional. Its working principle is through the excited radiation generated light wave …

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