What is sheet metal working

Sheet metal processing industry is a very important part of the machine manufacturing industry, it includes many different types, such as: bending, shearing, rolling, welding and so on.

These processing techniques are indispensable in the machining process. In the sheet metal processing factory, we mainly do some simple metal cutting and forming work.

laser cutting machine

Laser is a kind of pulsed light source with high energy density and high power density, which has two characteristics: monochromatic and directional.

Its working principle is through the excited radiation generated light wave irradiation on the workpiece to make the material quickly melt or gasification so as to achieve a high degree of automation of material cutting and hollow operation of a new tool.

Plasma arc welding

The principle of plasma arc welding is to use ultraviolet light generated by corona discharge as a heat source to heat the workpiece surface to melt or vaporize, then use compressed air to blow away the molten material to form a thin protective film, and then through the cooling system to blow off the film so as to remove the oxide skin.

Finally, through shot peening treatment to make the workpiece surface smooth.

CNC punch

CNC punch is the use of digital program control mechatronics products, its control system is composed of input device and controller.

The control system can logically process the displacement information from each coordinate axis and worktable and carry out complex calculation and processing to determine the movement direction and movement step of each coordinate axis.

At the same time, the machining program is controlled by interpolation and other methods.

Classification of bending machine

There are many classification methods of bending machine:

According to the structure can be divided into integral and split; According to the power can be divided into motor and hydraulic motor drive; According to the way of travel can be divided into manual travel type and motor travel type two types.

How to prevent sheet metal processing deformation

In sheet metal processing, sometimes there will be deformation. Why is this?

What are the methods that can be prevented? Follow sheet metal processing manufacturers to see the following content.

In accordance with the targeted solution to the whole process of metal material machinery and equipment, can have the characteristics of diversification, and highlights the reliability of the production and processing of parts, and the worse the temperature can be adjusted from the actual operation technology and the more practical it can be integrated into the production and processing characteristics.

Also can improve the metal material parts in the overall production and processing stage can have a more regular uniform change and improve the actual effect.

For sheet metal processing heat treatment material type, cooling characteristics, quenching force and so on are related to deformation.

The change of refrigeration characteristics can be adjusted according to the change of material viscosity, temperature, liquid level working pressure, the application of preservatives, mixing, etc.

The higher the quenching oil viscosity, the higher the temperature, the smaller the elliptic deformation. At rest, the deformation is small.

Is more in line with the characteristics of the improvement of the professional ability of the actual operation of technical treatment, and how to reasonably reduce the deformation of sheet metal processing?

Can reasonably reduce sheet metal processing deformation: salt bath heat treatment; High temperature oil heat treatment; Pressure relief heat treatment.

Three stages of heat treatment in one tank. Salt bath heat treatment is similar to high temperature oil heat treatment, all the heat treatment is at the martensite change temperature, so that the uniformity of martensite change is improved.

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