What are mechanical parts?

The basic design calculation methods of the four major types of mechanical parts common in engineering–connecting parts, transmission parts, shaft system parts and elastic components, specifically including:

connecting parts – threaded connectors, screw drives, keys, pins; transmission parts –belts (including V-belts, timing belts and flat belts), chains, gears, worm gears;

shaft system components –shafts, rolling bearings, plain bearings, couplings, clutches, brakes;

elastic elements – – cylindrical helical compression springs, cylindrical helical extension springs, disc springs, air springs and leaf springs. The content is basic, the examples are representative and therefore highly practical.

Problems of mechanical equipment repair and maintenance

1, failed to give sufficient attention to mechanical equipment repair and maintenance of the current many units in mechanical equipment maintenance attention is still relatively low, for there are problems with mechanical equipment to overhaul and replace mainly, failed to analyze and consider the problem of frequent equipment failure, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of repair and replacement cost control. Blindly introduce new equipment will not only reduce the actual application value of machinery and equipment, at the same time, will largely increase the purchase cost of machinery and equipment.

2, maintenance technology is not professional, the quality of personnel is not high part of the enterprise’s management personnel to reduce management costs, there will be problems with the equipment for minor repairs, and even some maintenance technicians can not find the problem, and enterprises in the daily management also ignore the maintenance, maintenance personnel training, resulting in equipment problems can not be “the right medicine “For example, improper use of lubricants. Because the enterprise does not have systematic personnel management, lack of systematic training, resulting in advanced technology can not be adopted, but also makes the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment is not professional, not only affect the use of machinery and equipment, but also affect the economic benefits of the enterprise.

In addition, the management personnel do not pay attention to, also directly lead to the use of equipment staff quality is not high, there will be production in the case of non-standard use, more according to the existing experience in the use and maintenance, can not ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment, there are certain safety risks. Ruiyun service cloud construction machinery after-sales management system, can easily help companies refine the management of maintenance master. Service personnel based on mobile, update the processing status at any time to ensure the timeliness of service, process transparency, mobile completion feedback, after the completion of the service personnel on the cell phone to fill in the return information, submitted directly to improve service efficiency.

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