What is CNC machining technology

Precision machining technology is the advanced manufacturing metal developed to meet the needs of modern high technology, and is the basis for the implementation of other high and new technologies.

She integrates the application of mechanical technology development and new achievements and modern electronics, sensing technology, optics and technology and other high-tech, is the basic technology in the field of high technology.

CNC machining, is in the workpiece for processing beforehand on the computer to write a good program, and then these programs into the use of computer program-controlled machine tools for instructional processing, or directly in this computer program-controlled machine control panel to write instructions for processing.

The process of machining includes: tool walking, tool changing, variable speed, change of direction, stopping, etc., all done automatically. CNC machining is an advanced means of modern mold manufacturing and processing.

CNC machine tools were selected from the beginning to have a complex profile of aircraft parts as the processing object, to solve the key of ordinary processing methods difficult to solve. The most important feature of CNC machining is to control the machine tool with a perforated belt for automatic processing.

As aircraft, rocket and engine parts each have different characteristics.

Aircraft and rocket zero, component size is large, complex type; engine zero, component size is small, high precision. Therefore, the aircraft, rocket manufacturing sector and engine manufacturing sector selected by the CNC machine tools are different.

In the aircraft and rocket manufacturing to use continuous control of large CNC milling machine, and in the engine manufacturing both continuous control of CNC machine tools, but also the use of point control of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tool is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool, is a kind of automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can logically process the program with control code or other symbolic instructions, and will be decoded, with the code of the digital representation, through the information carrier into the CNC device.

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