What is the process of machining shaft and what are the technical requirements?

Machining method and precision of outer circle surface

Shaft, sleeve and disk parts are typical parts with cylindrical surfaces. The commonly used machining methods of outer circular surface include turning, grinding and various finishing methods. Turning is the most economical and effective machining method of outer circle surface, but in terms of its economic accuracy, it is generally suitable for rough and semi-finish machining of outer circle surface.

Turning of the outer surface

The main processing method of the outer circle surface of shaft parts is turning. The main processing forms are: blank of free forgings and large castings, the processing allowance is large, in order to reduce the shape error and position deviation of the blank outer circle, so that the processing allowance of the subsequent process is uniform, to remove the outer surface of the oxide skin of the outer circle processing, the general cutting allowance is 1-3mm single-side. Medium and small forging and casting blank are generally roughed directly.

The application of turning method

General turning is widely used for cylindrical processing of shaft parts in various batches. Small batch of single pieces often use bedroom lathe to complete the turning processing; Medium batch, mass production is using automatic, semi-automatic lathe and special lathe to complete the turning processing.

CNC turning is suitable for single small batch and medium batch production. More and more widely used, its main advantages are good flexibility, replacement of machining parts equipment adjustment and preparation time is short; With less auxiliary time, efficiency can be improved by optimizing cutting parameters and adaptive control.

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