Which are the top 10 high precision machine tool companies in Switzerland

Switzerland has a reputation for the world’s top ten precision manufacturing CNC machine tools, the top ten high-precision machine tool companies are as follows.

(1) Starrag Group: Starrag is a global technology leader in the manufacture of highly sophisticated CNC machine tools, Starrag machine tools outstanding advantages: high automation, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability. Starrag especially in the field of aero engines and gas turbines, almost in the global technology monopoly advantage, can process more than 80% of the components of the aero engines.

(2) GF machining solutions group: GF is a global leader in precision manufacturing technology and total solution provider, the world’s most powerful enterprises producing EDM EDM machine tools such as General Motors, Pratt & Whitney, Safran, Siemens, Mitsubishi Hitachi giant enterprises are Switzerland Liechti Liechti blade machining center of large customers, it is worth mentioning that GF used to be the originator of high-speed machining center.

(3) Willie Ming – Mark Dale (SA): the world’s high-end watch core processing with are Willie Ming 701S machining center.

(4) Tornos: The world’s first manufacturer to process watch movements and top precision parts for Swiss mechanical watches. As early as 1959, Tornos manufactured the world’s first 6 spindle / 8 spindle machine.

(5) REIDEN: Always at the forefront of industry technology in the global mechanical engineering field.

(6) Reishauer: The world’s leading manufacturer of worm gear grinding machines, and the oldest machine tool manufacturer in Europe. Reishauer is regarded as the technology leader in designing superior, high precision, high performance production systems specifically for gear manufacturers.

(7) Studer: Switzerland’s most prestigious manufacturer of cylindrical grinding machines. In particular, it has unparalleled expertise in the fields of aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and machine tool spindles, the top of the pyramid in small fields.

(8) Pefiler Pfiffner: The biggest advantage is multi-station, high efficiency and ultra-precision.

(9) Shoebridge (SA): It is the world’s leading brand of high-precision CNC lathe.

(10) Fehlmann Fehlmann: The product variety is small and precise.

Switzerland produces machine tools core components of the same few famous companies, especially the electric spindle technology, very bull in this field. For example, Fischer FISCHER company, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of precision spindles. There is also IBAG, which has been in the field of high-speed electric spindle manufacturing and development for more than 30 years. There is also MCT, which was the world’s leading manufacturer of electric spindles for PCB drilling machines. Therefore, the Swiss machine tool is strong precisely because it has a complete machine tool industry ecosystem to do strong support.

It is worth mentioning that watch exports accounted for only 7% of Switzerland’s total exports in 2018, which fully illustrates that Switzerland is not just a “watch kingdom”. For example, the global McDonald’s restaurant kitchen equipment are provided by the Swiss company Franco, 75% of the world’s spaghetti by the Swiss Bühler Group manufacturing machinery production; most of the national central bank to fill out the bank notes are used by the Swiss company Sikbay production of top-secret ink; and similar to this invisible champion enterprises in Switzerland, a total of 110.

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