Which is world-class top ten CNC machine tool companies in Japan

Japanese government guidance and encouragement, targeted development of the market needs of a variety of low-end CNC system, in a leading position in technology, is the world’s largest machine tool CNC system suppliers, its sales at the time accounted for 50% of the world market, in Japan accounted for about 80%, to accelerate the development of Japan and the world’s CNC machine tools has played a major role in promoting.

Japanese companies are paying special attention to the development of key technologies and core products. This division of labor and cooperation relationship to improve the efficiency of the Japanese CNC machine tool industry, to avoid the U.S. CNC machine tool industry because all manufacturers want to become the industry standard caused by internal conflict, thus preserving the external competitiveness. The Japanese government also encourages some small-scale but have their own unique technical advantages of CNC machine tools and automation equipment manufacturers to develop their own proprietary technology.

Which is world-class top ten CNC machine tool companies in Japan

(1) YamazakiMazak: the world’s leading manufacturer of machine tools. The products are known in the industry for their high speed and precision.

(2) Amada: Amada has become one of the world’s leading brands in the sheet metal business and enjoys a high reputation in Japan, the United States, Europe and other developed countries. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, it has ranked first in the international market share of similar products, once close to 70%. It is worth mentioning that the intelligent automatic sheet metal processing center of the 21st century, developed and manufactured by the company in the 1990s, set a precedent for intelligent processing in the world sheet metal industry and received the highest technical invention award in Japan.

(3) Okuma: The world’s leading company Japan’s No. 1 machine tool manufacturer The world’s No. 1 manufacturer of gantry machining centers. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of CNC machine tools in Japan and the world, with a history of more than 100 years. Its products are known for good rigidity, high cutting efficiency, high precision, long life, and easy operation.

(4) Mori Seiki MoriSeiki: one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in Japan, the company mainly produces CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, including CNC lathes and machining centers in Japan’s market share are the first. The vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, and gantry high-speed machining centers developed and manufactured by Mori Seiki Seisakusho have enjoyed a high reputation in Japan and overseas, winning the Japan Machine Tool New Product Award as well as the Manufacturing Award. Benson Seiki Seisakusho also holds about 20% of the shares of Demaggi, the largest machine tool manufacturer in Germany.

(5) JTEKT: JTEKT owns JTEKT, KOYO, TOYODA and other brands. Jtekt is a company that provides technical support for “things that move” such as automobiles, Shinkansen, airplanes, and robots. Through the merger of Koyo Seiko and Toyota Kogyo, the new company, JTEKT, has the world’s largest market share in the steering system industry and has become a comprehensive manufacturer capable of providing the world’s top level systems. JTEKT has developed the exclusive technology necessary to replace the existing machining method of turning machining.

(6) Makino Makino: Makino developed Japan’s first CNC milling machine in 1958 and succeeded in developing Japan’s first machining center in 1966. Makino recruits talented people from various industries around the world and is a hotbed of new ideas, technologies and products that can create more valuable intellectual property. V1machining, as an excellent CNC machining parts factory in China, uses Makino Makino’s brand products for some of its production equipment.

(7) Komatsu KomatsuNTC: Komatsu is a comprehensive machine tool manufacturer that provides a large number of high-quality precision metalworking equipment mainly for the world’s automotive manufacturers. 1983 NTC developed the world’s first three-dimensional five-axis CNC laser cutting machine in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. NTC’s machine tool group is widely used in domestic and overseas markets, centering on the combination machines (automatic transfer compounding machines) and various grinding machines, which are the hub of mass production systems. Since 1997, NTC has been awarded the “Supplier of the Year” award by General Motors Corporation (GM) for three consecutive years. This is a first for a Japanese industrial machinery manufacturer, as the productivity and reliability of the combination machines for automotive parts processing supplied to factories in North America, Central and South America are highly evaluated.

(8) Aida: Aida has a 93-year history of Aida is a well-known Japanese public company, Aida’s latest punching machines, peripheral automation equipment and plastic forming technology with international leading level.

(9) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was founded in 1884, is the largest heavy industry manufacturers in Japan with the strength of manufacturing more than 700 kinds of products, with a long history and excellent product quality, is the world’s top 500 companies group of companies. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 1960 developed the first machine (MIB machine tools), has been committed to the development and production of a variety of machine tools. 1986 launched the world’s largest 13-meter-wide super milling machine, has been the customer evaluation as “the leading manufacturer of large machine tools.

(10) Sodick: Sodick Japan Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company, sales company and research and development company centered on the mold industry. With the world’s leading technology, Sodick Group can provide customers with the best production solutions. V1machining, as an excellent CNC machining parts factory in China, uses Sodick’s brand products for some of its production equipment.

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