Why is it that China medical cnc machining is becoming more and more extensive in the medical field?

Not only equipment, but also CNC processing has become extremely important for manufacturing parts and equipment in the medical field, such as ventilator components, surgical equipment, surgical components, orthopedics, dental equipment, artificial limb equipment, etc.

The range of products manufactured with China medical CNC machining is amazing. Medical equipment, surgical tools and other important products are all manufactured with CNC technology, synthetic bones and customized hardware. As medical equipment and devices are processed by numerical control, the treatment choices of doctors and medical professionals around the world are greatly increased.

Productivity and quality control are two important aspects of CNC production achievements. Through strict tolerance and micro precision to achieve consistent results, CNC machine tools are very valuable for medical product manufacturers. Precise cutting and precise tool movement make NC machining superior to manual machining. By adding additional machines and using existing programs and applications, the production of China medical cnc machining can be easily expanded.

As an important accessory of the machine tool, the turntable is mainly used in machining centers and CNC boring and milling machines, generally referred to as “four axes”. 

It provides rotation coordinates for the machine tool, and drives the turntable through the fourth and fifth axes to complete equal, unequal or continuous rotary machining, so that the machine tool can expand the range to complete complex surface machining, which is also the importance of the NC turntable in the market.

At present, the cradle type five axis turntable has been applied in a large scale, which will greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency and quality of medical equipment. 

High speed and high reliability

Excellent material and processing technology, make the gear have high dynamic and static accuracy and good motion performance. The linear speed is greatly improved, and the maximum speed is improved compared with the traditional structure; The increase of material hardness enhances the wear resistance of gears, which not only improves the performance parameters and geometric accuracy of the turntable, but also improves the reliability and accuracy retention of the turntable.

 Large scope and small investment

 The product adopts a cradle structure, with a larger swing range. It can be equipped with a larger cradle turntable on a smaller host, expanding the processing capacity of the machine tool and reducing the investment cost of the machine tool; The processing range is greatly improved to meet the processing requirements of complex parts such as medical accessories and surgical components. One clamping and multiple processes ensure the accuracy.

The medical industry is closely related to people’s lives. No matter in the past, now or in the future, it is indispensable for human beings. We believe that the production fields related to medical treatment will also develop steadily, including the turntable of machine tool industry. As the basis for the production of medical devices, it is believed that this kind of machine tool turntable will also have an increasingly broad future. With the development of the medical industry, machine tools will also be more and more widely used in the medical field.

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