The world’s Top 10 high-end machine tool powerhouses in 2022 / Which country is best for CNC machine?

The world’s top 10 high-end machine tool powerhouses in 2022

V1machining, taking you through the CNC machining industry.

Which country is best for CNC machine?

Preface: In the field of global high-end machine tools, the United States, Germany and Japan are the most technologically advanced and experienced countries in the world today in terms of research, design, manufacture and use of CNC machine tools. Therefore, V1machining, as an excellent CNC machining parts factory in China, most of the factory production equipment is introduced from the United States, Germany and Japan high-end machine tools, and you can click V1machining’s capability to understand our machining capability. Back to the topic, next, V1machining will lead you to understand what are the latest top ten high-end machine tool powerhouses in the world in 2022.

1.United States

The United States high-end CNC machine tools are currently in the world, is second to none, so why is the United States, V1machining as China’s excellent CNC machining parts factory, through the collation of relevant documents to help you understand why the United States can lead the world in the field of high-end CNC machine tools. Interested please click to understand that

What is the history of the development of high-end machine tools in the United States?

So what are some of the most powerful CNC machine tool brands in the United States that are currently very influential?

United States


German CNC machine tools are world-renowned, especially reflecting the German people’s spirit of excellence in craftsmanship.

German craftsmanship, so that the German high-end CNC machine tools have excellent performance, then the emergence of Germany’s high-end CNC machine performance is reflected in where?

Specifically, please click to view:

Germany’s high-end CNC machine tools 3 outstanding performance.

Which is world-class top ten CNC machine tool companies in Germany.

3. Japan

Japanese CNC machine tools are known worldwide for their precision. The Japanese government attaches great importance to the development of CNC machine tool industry, on the one hand, through the planning and development of regulations, such as the famous “machine vibration law”, “mechanical and electrical law”, “machine letter law” and other vigorous Guide the development of industry, on the other hand, to provide sufficient research and development funds to encourage research institutions and enterprises to vigorously develop CNC machine tools. Especially in the importance of human resources and machine tool components supporting the learning of Germany, in quality management and CNC machine tool technology to learn the United States, and the combination of the two countries experience, the formation of their own unique characteristics and later on the top.

It is worth mentioning that Japan since 1958 developed the first CNC machine tools, Japan’s 1978 output (7,342 units) exceeded the United States (5,688 units), and for a long time its production, exports are the first in the world. Japan in the strategy to take first after the creation, Mr. production of large and wide range of mid-range CNC machine tools, a large number of exports, occupy most of the world market share, and in the 1980s began to further strengthen scientific research, to the development of high-performance CNC machine tools.

V1machining, as an excellent CNC machining parts factory in China, helps you understand the top 10 high-end CNC machine tools in Japan by finishing the following articles:

Which is world-class top ten CNC machine tool companies in Japan


4.  Switzerland

Swiss CNC machines are also known worldwide. As one of the German-speaking countries, the Swiss inherit the serious and rigorous “craftsmanship” of the German-speaking countries, with a dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. Someone once asked a Swiss boss: “You’re not afraid that I will take your company, your entire product apart to do reverse engineering?” He came to a “try”, you try. You know, the company’s machines are all hand-built, it can be said that no one in the world can imitate, especially inside the very critical parts, including technology, molds, key spare parts, all the Swiss boss hand grinding out little by little grinding out.

Which are the top 10 high precision machine tool companies in Switzerland


5. Italy

Italian heavy machine tool manufacturing industry has a very long history, many manufacturers, product categories are very complete, has provided the world’s equipment manufacturing industry with many high-level heavy machine tool products, Italy’s high-end CNC machine tools to its strong manufacturing capacity and high-quality products and known worldwide. Unlike the general public’s perception that Italy is rich in pizza and pasta, what is unexpected is that Italy is also the third largest importer of German machine tools. For example, back in 2018, Italian machine tool manufacturers once sold €310 million worth of CNC machine tool equipment to Germany. It is worth mentioning that Italian heavy machine tools have entered the world’s first-class level, and even in the leading position, fully comparable with the German product technology, such as Italian machine tools in high-speed, its high precision reached a fairly high level very early, 130mm boring bar maximum speed of 4000r/min. high precision, X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy of 10m, repeat positioning accuracy of 5m, feed In terms of process performance, the machine is able to expand the process performance to the extreme.

Typical representatives of the Italian heavy-duty CNC machine tool manufacturing industry are To the production of heavy CNC floor milling and boring machine, heavy CNC horizontal lathe, heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machine and known Innse (Innse) company; to specialize in the production of high precision CNC boring and milling machine and famous Pama (Pama) company; world famous heavy number of vertical lathe and gantry boring and milling machine manufacturers Pietro Carnaghi (Pietro Carnaghi); the old CNC heavy horizontal lathe and heavy CNC horizontal boring and milling machine Lathe and heavy CNC horizontal boring and milling machine manufacturer Lazaati (Lazaati) company, etc.

Italy in the field of CNC vertical lathe: heavy-duty CNC vertical lathe of the world’s leading manufacturers is Pietro (Pietro) company, founded in 1922, was one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of vertical turning products.

Italy in the field of CNC horizontal boring and milling machine: the famous manufacturers of CNC horizontal boring and milling machine are mainly Pama (Pama), Innse (Innse) and Fpt company, etc.. Pama is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of boring and milling machines, and enjoys the reputation of being the world’s leading manufacturer of boring and milling machines, especially for its precision and efficiency.

Italy in the field of CNC floor milling and boring machine: CNC floor milling and boring machine mainly to Innse (Innse) and Pama (Pama) company as the representative, these two are the world’s earliest specializing in CNC floor milling and boring machine production of one of the professional manufacturers. Especially Innse (Innse) company is the traditional production of heavy, super heavy floor milling and boring machine manufacturers, and has more obvious technical advantages and manufacturing capabilities, known as the heavy floor milling and boring family.


6.  Korea

Korean CNC machine tools have long been the world’s elite. Korean CNC machine tools do not rely solely on the “price of silver, quality of gold” concept. Korea has grown from a “fast follower to a leader,” said JongHyeonSohn, president of the Korea CNC Machine Tool Builders Association (Komma).

Looking back at Korea’s machine tool history, according to an analysis by GardnerPublications, South Korea became the fourth largest machine tool manufacturer in the world back in 2012, and had left Italy behind – which was a narrow fifth place. 6.7 percent of world machine tool production was in South Korea. Japan has long been the top source of machine tool imports to South Korea, which imported 436.27 million won from Japan in 2009, well ahead of Germany, which ranked second (264.48 million won). Until 2007, the United States has been the second source of CNC machine tool imports to South Korea, but the second largest source of CNC machine tool imports from the United States in 2007 to 2009 was replaced by Germany. As a matter of fact, Korea’s CNC machine tool industry has taken a significant position in the world.

Korea has many world-renowned CNC machine tool manufacturers, such as the famous Doosan Machine Tools and Hyundai Weiya Machine Tools.

Doosan Korea: The world’s leading high-end CNC machine tool company. Doosan Korea has a long history of 116 years and was one of the first companies established in Korea. The Doosan Group started its machine tool business in 1976, and the Machine Tool Division has made leaps and bounds by expanding its business fields to include turning centers, machining centers, CNC machines, electrical discharge machines, and automation systems. Machine Tool Business Unit. Doosan once set a world record for monthly orders received in April 2011 and achieved its highest ever performance in the same year. Doosan Machine Tools used to be the top-selling Korean machine tool brand in China and the first in Korea, and used to export to the UK, Italy and other countries’ markets, ranking 15th in global market share.

Hyundai Wea CNC Machine Tools: Hyundai Wea (formerly Hyundai Kia) is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group. Founded in 1976, Hyundai Wea Machine developed rapidly on the basis of comprehensive cooperation with Japanese technology and extensive absorption of the advanced experience of European and American counterparts. We are fully capable of developing and producing series of CNC equipments with international advanced level. Our products have been awarded with ISO9001, ISO14001, QS9000, Korean President’s Award, WEST LAND Award and MESSLER-DOWTY Award. Hyundai Viacom has created a mecca of creative technology for future industries such as intelligent robots.


7. Austria

Austria’s high-end CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is one of the top levels in the world, and is at the same level of strength as Germany and Switzerland in machine tools and automation equipment. But because the country is small, the economy is not complete, plus and Germany and the same language and the same species, so Austria is more as a special neighbor of Germany to Germany to do supporting. Therefore, Germany’s neighbor Austria is a famous country with a large number of machine tool manufacturers. For example, back in 2018, €191 million worth of CNC machine tool equipment was exported from Austria to Germany.

Among compound machine tools, turning and milling machines are the most common and most used type of compound machine tools. Europe is the most advanced region in the world for machine tools, and composite machine tools are at the forefront of the world. And Europe’s leading Austrian EMCO company is a professional lathe manufacturer with nearly 60 years of history, but also the world’s largest industrial training system design and development and manufacturing plant, it has more than 1 million EMCO CNC machine tools in the world so far for all walks of life to carry out services. EMCO company headquarters is located in Austria near Salzburg, now EMCO company with more than 600 employees has become the number one machine tool factory in Austria and one of the largest lathe factories in Europe. It is worth mentioning that since 1907, HEFEL has been synonymous with 100% Austrian-made high-end bed products.

HEFEL Austria: Founded in 1907, the company is managed by the fourth generation of the family. As one of the most successful and creative bedding manufacturers in Europe, HEFEL plays a pioneering role in the field of natural bedding. 100% of HEFEL products are produced in the Austrian factories. Austria HEFEL bedding with advanced technology and inexhaustible creativity to promote the trend.


8. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a strong tradition of manufacturing machinery for over 150 years, and with its excellent machinery manufacturing base, its metal cutting and metal forming machines have become an important industry that is highly competitive and up to the world’s advanced level! It is worth mentioning that the Czech Republic was one of the world’s top 15 producers of CNC machine tools, and according to previous statistics, even more than 80% of machine tools are exported to Germany (about 1/3), Russia (about 14%), China (about 13%), the United States, Canada and more than 80 countries and regions.

Industry has a saying, the global machine tool big brother Germany from which countries and regions to import machine tool equipment, but also a side reflection of the country and region of the machine tool manufacturing level. From the VDW data, you can clearly see that German CNC machine tool imports are still dominated by European countries. At the same time, you can also see the strength and manufacturing level of Czech CNC machine tools.

Czech Skoda CNC machine tools: Skoda is the world’s largest manufacturer of boring machines, its core business is the HCW series of CNC heavy floor milling and boring machines, boring spindle diameter φ150mm ~ φ300mm, boring spindle maximum speed 1500 ~ 3000r/min, the main drive power output in 60 ~ 130kW. various types of milling and boring head and power accessories head and other basic accessories, have own patent rights. Various size series of CNC rotary tables designed and manufactured by ourselves are capable of loading workpieces from 25 to 400t. Therefore, it is no wonder that such a machine is worthy of the word “heavy duty”!

SKODA‘s HCW CNC floor boring and milling machines and HCW-series drilling machines are more advanced and sophisticated machines with a high level of differentiation. With high power and stable machining accuracy, these machines are especially suitable for milling, drilling and boring processes of high-precision large and shaped workpieces.

A previous inspection group visited SKODA, and although SKODA plant and equipment and workshop management are basically equivalent to our level at the end of last century, with less than 10 large CNC machines, the use and maintenance of its equipment is first-class. On site, we saw that workers wipe the machine tool guide for their own use, repeatedly use the spray cleaner, and then wipe the machine tool guide again and again, and the towel after wiping is still white. Feel the SKODA factory manufacturing process level, the level of skills and professional quality of workers.

TOS VARNSDORF a.s., located in Varsdorf, Czech Republic, is a world-leading machine tool manufacturer specializing in horizontal boring mills and machining centers, and is known for its excellence in products. The machine tools of TOS Varnsdorf AG are characterized by efficient machining, advanced technological solutions and reliability, especially in the markets of the world’s most demanding countries.

TOS Varnsdorf: The largest Czech manufacturer of boring mills and the largest manufacturer of medium- and high-grade boring mills in the world. Founded in 1903, TOS Varnsdorf is a genuine European manufacturer of boring mills with a long history of 100 years. It is worth mentioning that in our machine tool industry, every machine tool factory has TOS equipment, and from the 70s and 80s to date, the accuracy is still stable. Therefore, the stability of machine accuracy and machine rigidity is the biggest advantage of TOS machine tools, while both the price advantage.


9. Spain

The Spanish CNC machine tool industry maintains its position as one of the world’s most important machine tool nations, exporting more than half of its products to markets such as Germany, France and Italy. Other competitive facts of the Spanish machine tool industry are reflected by the following data: for example, in the last 10 years, Spain has exported an average of 58% of all products in the industry to 120 countries, and 70% to countries with a high level of industrialization and development.

The Spanish machine tool industry produces more than 2,000 different types of products and Spanish machine tool companies allocate an average of 5% of their sales to technological research, development and innovation. Technology is an important part of the competitiveness of Spanish machine tools. It is worth mentioning that the structure of the Spanish industry is characterized by a well-developed domestic auxiliary industry, which offers the great advantage of being able to concentrate exclusively on key processes through outsourcing. Flexibility, in particular, is another strength of Spanish machine tool manufacturers, giving them a great capacity to meet the technical and production needs of their customers. The automotive and aerospace sectors are the main customers of Spanish CNC machine tools, as well as the tool and die industry.

The tool and die industry is one of the main customers of Spanish machine tool builders, with a wide coverage of all the important tool and die makers in the world, regardless of where their plants are located. Multitasking capabilities, adaptation to new materials, fast tool changes, high speed and acceleration are the main subjects of continuous improvement in the Spanish engineering centers. The most well-known products offered by Spanish machine tool manufacturers for the tool and die industry are grinding machines, EDM machines, wire EDM machines and their processes.

The Spanish machine tool industry excels in technological innovation and thus has a dominant position in the industry. In their country, many globally renowned machine tool brands have emerged, such as GURUTZPE, MTE, MECO, GORATU, IBARMIA …….

The most familiar of them is, naturally, Nicolas Crea. The Nicolas Crea Group of Spain is a well-known manufacturer of medium and large machining centers for the European market, as well as a listed manufacturer of machine tools in Europe, having received the European Management Certificate of Merit EFQM, knowing that this honor has a higher gold value than ISO 9001. Nicolas Crea is clearly targeting the middle and high-end market.

The Spanish company GEMINIS, which belongs to the European GMH Holding Group, produced its first lathe as early as 1957, 60 years ago. Located in the Basque Country of Spain, 80% of the Spanish machine tool manufacturers have their factories here.

In the world, in terms of fame, Spain’s machine tools can not compete with Germany and Japan’s machine tools, but the Spanish do not care, but will continue to slowly adhere to their own “low profile and pride”.


10. Sweden

Sweden is famous for its industrial development. It not only has its own aviation industry, nuclear industry, automobile manufacturing, advanced military industry, but also leads the world in software development, microelectronics, telecommunication and photonics. In particular, Swedish machine tools in the aerospace field solutions, not only represents the world’s advanced level today, but also perfectly illustrates the Swedish equipment pragmatic but not lack of innovative ideas.

Swedish machine tools with its fine tradition of fine workmanship, with its leading technology, excellent performance, high precision, rugged, elegant appearance, safety and reliability, easy to operate and world reputation. For example, the Swedish Sajo machine tool company has excellent advantages of the complete specification of 4-5-6 axis horizontal machining center; and then the Swedish Herb Industrial Company’s automatic pipe bending machine; and the Swedish Yongle, Modig company’s 5-6 axis CNC tools.

SAJO Maskin International AB: Swedish Sajo machine tool company, founded in 1916 by two Swedes, Mr. SANDEN and Mr. JOHANSSON, is now a famous manufacturer of machining centers and FMC and FMS. Sajo has always maintained the tradition of making high quality, high efficiency, advanced technology, safety and reliability, high precision and long-lasting, for which Sajo has been praised by users all over the world and has its satisfied customers all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that Sweden once ranked eighth in the world in terms of scientific and technological strength. The fact that many of the Nobel Prize judges are Swedish and are recognized worldwide proves that Sweden has first-class scientists who are capable of evaluating the world’s best scientific research. Sweden has a population of only about 9 million, but 38% of the working population is employed in high-tech companies (e.g. Ericsson), which was the highest percentage in the world. In addition, Swedes are among the most well-read countries in the world, with the world’s highest scientific quality.

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